Ilan Tobianah: Early life, looks, family, Career, net worth and more

Ilan Tobianah
Ilan Tobianah

Hey, viewers. Today we are going to talk about Ilan Tobianah. Now let’s see who takes the lead in the doppelganger of Zeus- the Greek God? Zeus may be a mythical creature but this man has undoubtedly real-life Greek beauty. 

It doesn’t just stop there the media has been fascinated by much of his magnificence and quite rightfully so. 

This French model manages multiple sources of income. He has conquered numerous fashion runaways, and campaigns recently. 

He has also made his way into production studios. He is also a triumphant real estate agent gracing the numerous commercial and residential estates he sells. 

His assets include what looks rather like a vintage car, and a posh bike. He has made a net worth for himself that is unmistakable considering the extensive chase he is up for.

Early Life 

Ilan Tobianah was born on November 22, 1971. He is a famous French lawyer, model, actor, and film director. 

Pretty old for a girl’s crush, but everyone watched his striking features playing mythicals characters in the entertainment industry.

Tobianah was born in France so he holds French nationality, however, he belongs to mixed ethnicity as well. 

He is from Italy and his ethnicity is Italian-European; He knows Italian, French, and English quite fluently; At a very young age, he has chosen multiple career paths which lead him to be involved in different cultures and traditions.

Ilan Tobianah

Ilan Tobianah’s looks

Not the hulking heights, when we say Ilan Tobianah looks more like a Greek God. Not towering above 6 feet, he is of rather normal height for men. Stands at 5 ‘8’’. By the looks of him, you can say that he weighs a good 71 kg.

Big white heavy beard, not like the stubble you see from most models. Grey hair he used to pull off gracefully. To authenticate the look, his black eyes help. The similarity was so good that he was more recognized for Zeus, than Ilan. 


I know, a lot of you must be curious about his family. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fetch anything regarding his parents and siblings. 

He didn’t spill about his personal life and neither did his social media ever paint anything of his family.

However, we guess his Italian roots are from his father and his English roots are from his mother’s side, but still we aren’t certain.

Is Ilan Tobianah Married?

Many of you might be wondering about this man’s married life. Is he married? Yes, the French lawyer and a multimillionaire model is indeed a married man. 

Yet we don’t know who she is.She’s pretty secretive about his private life and doesn’t like to talk about his wife. 

But surprise! She has managed to spill the beans that he has kids! But how many? She didn’t tell us that. 

She completely respects their privacy and likes to keep his family out of the media radar.

You can also come across some of his pictures on Instagram where you might find him posing alongside different models. This can raise the question about his fidelity to his wife.


Ilan has a lot of different job options, and all of them pay well, which is how he got to be so rich. He has worked in real estate and tried to get into show business. 

Career In Movies

He got associated with production studios and together they released two short films and made his mark in the entertainment industry.

  • One of his movies, Ahibak was released in 2020 and it tells the story of a young man caught in between his modern day lifestyle and tradition.
  • Then in 2022, his other movie, Wisteria came out. It documents the complicated devotions between 2 people housed from different backgrounds; they follow their hearts and end up in a whirlwind of mishaps.

Currently he is working on a full length movie and he had mentioned that the plot is top secret but the audience should anticipate an incredibly raw film with other worldly shots .

He has been in many movies over his lifetime and has appeared in seasons of Game of Thrones, Casino Royale and The Da Vinci Code .

Career In Real Estate

Ilan Tobianah studied law at the University of Paris and officially began his career as a real estate lawyer in 1999 where his focus was in investment and property development with the firm Moet et Associes.

While with Moet et Associes Ilan has worked on the purchase of Canary Wharf Tower in London and on the renovation of the Hotel de Carillon in Paris.

Career In Social Media

Because of his innumerable fan following on social media, his massive popularity as Zeus is evident. 

Ilan has his own website where he sells perfumes, clothing, and shoes with his own pictures as James Spanish. 

He has a youtube channel by the title ‘Zeus Mythical Figure’ where he vlogs and shares his travelling life around the world.  

He shares his aesthetic lavish pics and shares his personal life snippets on his Instagram account where he makes his fans awestruck with his fitness regime and his lavish lifestyle. 

He has 1.8M followers. He enjoys a massive fan following on twitter too.

Other than this, he is a renowned French model and his captivatingly handsome looks have led him to ace spreads of various high end magazines, like Vogue, Esquire, GQ etc.

Ilan Tobianah

Does Ilan Tobianah have any personal assets? 

Ilan Tobianah surely has many valuable assets to envy, but his unique collection of exotic cars is worth the second look for sure, subsequently to learning about it. 

We found he first went viral running his bull aka Lamborghini Aventador barefoot, but before that, he wasn’t just running through the streets of Israel, India barefoot, he also barely came out in India wearing only A Bathing Ape.

His car collection includes: Lamborghini Urus, which is worth upwards of $233K and boasts a turbocharged engine that can produce 600 horsepower. Impressive right?

He has a black Lamborghini Aventador that is worth about $825914. It looks stylish and its swift speed makes this car grab everyone’s attention, while cruising the streets.

He owns a Ferrari too, but we are not aware of which model he owned. This car is worth $429815.

His Orange Lamborghini Aventador, the beautiful shades of this car, instantly attracts whenever he comes out on streets. He owns a Delage D21 and few people own it in this world and its price is $2.2M.

Another of his cars, it’s a limited edition car, Devinci and this car is very expensive. His Ducati Bike, there isn’t a bike lover who is not dreaming of this bike and its price is $15-$65K.

Net Worth

He is in charge of knowing where most of his gifts came from and having a crib life that makes you want to drool. 

He has made a lot of money. He has a net worth of $50 million, so we’re sure he’s looking at a lot of other limited edition great items and knows how to get them all.


Ilan Tobianah has been working hard for more than 20 years as a French actor, model, film director, and real estate lawyer.

Because he is worth so much (well over $50M), he has been living a very fancy life. Quite a few expensive cars and bikes belong to him. He also owns more than one property, which proves that he has a lot of money.

Look at it to find out everything about Ilan’s life, and then tell us what you think. In the comments, tell us what you want to read next.

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