Karely Ruiz: Bio, Age, Net Worth & More in 2024

Karely Ruiz
Karely Ruiz

Hi viewers! Have a great day! So Karely Ruiz will be the topic of discussion today. And who is she? Doing what? Reasons behind her popularity We discuss the whole history of Ruiz in this essay. Living in Monterrey, Mexico, is model, digital content producer, and social media celebrity Karely Ruiz.

She is twenty-two years old, having been born on October 28, 2000. Known as one of Mexico’s most well-known Instagram users. Her Instagram pictures and videos are likewise really well-liked. See my blog for additional information on this fascinating model. 

Who is Karely Ruiz?

Karely Ruiz is a model, social media star, and digital content creator from Mexico. On October 28, 2000, she came into the world. Keira will be 22 years old in 2022. At first, Karely’s job was small: she did modeling on a few social media sites. People know her for her funny videos, dance videos, and lip-syncing on TikTok.

She made a lot of money because she was so professional in business deals and photo shoots. She started getting paid to do it soon. Every day since 2016, Karely has used social media to work in the fashion industry as a hobby. 



Full Name  Karely Ruiz 
Date of Birth  Monterrey 
Nationality Mexican
Profession  Digital Content Creator, Instagram Influencer and social media Celebrity. 
City of Birth Monterrey 
Fame  Instagram
Religion  Christianity 
Marital Status  Single (2023) 
Skin Color  White 
Height  5 feet 5 inches 
Weight  57 KG 
Instagram Account  @karelyruiz
Birth Sign  Scorpio 
Parents   Not revealed yet 
Siblings  Not revealed yet 
Eye Color  Brown
Onlyfans Account   @karelyruizoficial 
Body Waist  28 
Hair Color  Dark Brown 
Net Worth  Approximately 5 million dollars 


Karely Ruiz Instagram 

An important part of her fame comes from her Instagram account. For the record, she shared her first picture in March 2016 because she thought it looked hot and bold. She looked beautiful, and this look made people fall in love with her.

According to the table above, she has only made 54 posts on Instagram, but over 9 million people from all over the world are following her. That’s about half of the people who live in New York. She posts her newest photos, videos, clips, and daily habits to this account.

For some reason, her mirror selfies where she models with her hot body and bold looks get more attention. And lots of people liked and talked about every video she posted.

She also has a different Instagram account with the name Karely Ruiz Only. She has many fans.


On social networking platforms, Karely Ruiz launched her modelling career. March 2016 saw the first picture she uploaded to Instagram. That became a career for her very fast.

Karely has modelled for a number of apparel labels as well as electronics and IT companies. Deals are in place with several technology, beauty, and apparel brands. 

Karely Ruiz family

Born in Mexico, Karely belongs to the Hispanic culture. Being from a well-known Mexican family, Karely is close to her parents. In her family, Ruiz is not the only child; she has several siblings.

Regretfully, Karely has not shared any details about her family on social media. Nothing about her family has been disclosed by Karely to the media.

Karely Ruiz

Net Worth

Social media star, model, and digital content creator Karely Ruiz is multifaceted. Ruiz started working in fashion in 2016. Karley is a model used by some underwear producers. She bills about $3000 every post.

Her projected 2023 net worth is between $300,000 and $500,000. She mostly makes money from modelling, Instagram, and other websites; you might also know that she is a TikTok celebrity.

Age of Karley Ruiz 

On October 28, 2000, Ruiz came into the world. On October 28th, he turns. She is 24 years old at the moment, in 2024.

Karly will be present on her birthday to enjoy it with the people that mean the most to her in life.

The most famous facts about Karely Ruiz

  • Karely is well known to have a stunning body.
  • She is largely financially supported by her sponsorship and Instagram modeling jobs.
  • She started making a good living on social media when she was very young.
  • She loved clothes and makeup when she was little.
  • She has worked in fashion since 2016 as part of her job.
  • She also has a big following on TikTok, where she posts a lot of cute videos of herself dancing.
  • This model is also well-known for posting selfies on social media that she takes in front of a mirror. 


Everybody was talking about Karely Ruiz. I hope you all liked and found this post to be educational. She undoubtedly revolutionized the modeling business and is undoubtedly an inspiration to a lot of young people.

Popular social media influencer Karely has a sizable fan following. Karely Ruiz’s social media engagement has made her well-liked by her fans.


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