Olivia Casta: Early life, Bio, Career, Family, Net Worth & More 2024

Olivia Casta
Olivia Casta

Olivia Casta is a model and social media star from Spain. She has become very well-known. Through the beautiful photos she posts on Instagram and Twitter. Olivia is a well-known model who specializes in lingerie and swimwear. Olivia is known for writing a lot of different kinds of things.

She has also tried her hand at making sexy content for the website OnlyFans. Her popularity has grown, and she is now a well-known name in the business. Olivia is also someone who has a lot of education. People look up to her because she knows a lot about beauty and can connect with her audience. Casta is a skilled and well-known figure in the modelling and social media worlds as a whole.

A Quick Bio

Full Name Olivia Claudia Motta Casta
Date Of Birth 15 August 1997
Place Of Birth Spain
Nationality American Spanish
Ethnicity Mixed White
Height 5 feet and 8 inches
Weight  55kg
Occupation Model, Social Media Influencer
Net Worth 1 million Dollars

Early Life 

Oriana Claudia Motta Casta is her full name. Olivia is a Spanish model and prominent Instagram user. Additionally, she writes sexy content and shares hot pictures on sites like Only Fans.

Where and when did she come into the world? She was born on August 15, 1997. The country where she was born is Spain. What religion does she follow? Olivia’s country is American. The faith she follows is Christianity. Some parts of her life are mixed race.

Olivia Casta Education 

Olivia Casta went to a private school in Spain for her early schooling. She really is a very smart woman. She received her higher education in Spain at a reputable and well-known university. Later, she followed her fashion dreams. And went to the well-known Parsons School of New York to study. 

Family & Relationship 

Olivia is very private about her family. People should not see her family and brothers, according to her. That’s why not many things are known about them. Nevertheless, some sources say Olivia’s dad is a businessman and her mom runs the household. Keeping her family close to her heart is important to her.

Olivia has decided to keep details about her relationships and love life private. In her social media pages, she mostly posts beautiful pictures. Without saying anything about a boyfriend or a love partner. From what Olivia has said, there are no public signs of love in her life right now.


Olivia started her modelling career by sharing pictures on Instagram. When she shared her pictures and videos. The first time she posted on Instagram was August 15, 2021. Olivia has always wanted to be a model. After finishing her higher education, she chose to make it her career.

Because she is so pretty, she quickly got a lot of Instagram fans. Casta has 3 million Instagram fans now. She showcases different designer dresses and shares fashion pictures. She also posts films about food, travel, makeup, and cosmetics.

The material that Casta’s followers like is very varied. They share adult material on Only Fans. Monthly subscribers, who pay $8 a month, can see her material. Olivia can make more money this way.

Olivia Casta

Olivia Casta’s Film Debut

The well-known fashion movie “Art Of Style” is Olivia’s first lead role. that shows off her acting skills and good looks on film. She is bringing attention to her artsy and interesting traits. Her winning show is loved by many.

Brand Collaboration 

Olivia has worked with big names in fashion, such as Calvin Klein, Chanel, Gucci, and more. So much good luck has come her way. Working together with these names is an impressive feat. She has also done work for Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and other well-known fashion magazines. Olivia’s skill and hard work have paid off big time.

Olivia Casta Began Her Own Business 

After a successful job as a model. Olivia became an entrepreneur after starting her own business and telling the press about it. It’s her first business. Where she shows off her great style, clever ideas, and stylish new things to her fans. Olivia shows off her style with a lot of different clothes.

Olivia’s online store sells more than just clothes. It also has beauty items, home goods, and accessories. These things show Olivia’s sense of style. Making it easy for her fans to copy her signature look. Olivia is in charge of marketing her business and talks to her fans and customers who like her.

She also gives her customers advice, which helps them feel connected and close. Olivia has proven herself to be a reliable business owner. Because she values her friends and is close to them.

Olivia Casta Cosmetic Surgery Procedures 

A lot of people want to know if Olivia has had plastic surgery. It has become very important. Olivia’s friends have noticed that she looks different, especially in the way her face looks. Some people say Olivia has had lip fillers and her nose has been thinned. Because her recent photoshoots don’t look the same as the ones she did before.

Several news sources say Olivia may have had rhinoplasty. To make the shape of your nose thinner and more marked. Olivia doesn’t talk about her private life. There is no news about this that she has shared, and she hasn’t talked about any internet scandals.

Net Worth

Olivia may be worth between $500 million and $700 million according to some sources. Advertising, business deals, and her social media accounts bring in most of her money. As an erotic video creator, she also makes money.


Olivia Casta was born in Spain and is a great and famous model. Suddenly, she has millions of fans. By her extra beauty, skill, and charming good looks.

Olivia is a strong, independent woman who doesn’t mind expressing herself and keeping up with dress trends. Olivia offers more than just a pretty face. The beauty and entertainment business sees her as a stronghold.

She is an inspiration to young women who want to follow their dreams and do what they set out to do.


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