Vera Davich: Bio, Early life , Edu, Ex-husband, Net Worth & More

Vera Davich
Vera Davich

Would you like to know more about Vera Davich? Because of her lack of fame, you might not be familiar with Vera Davich. You might be thinking why she’s getting so popular when she’s not even a famous person. She is the woman whose life has become more exciting because of Hollywood. She is definitely an interesting person.

If you want to learn more about Vera Davich, this piece will talk in depth about all the important parts of her life, from the beginning to the present.

A quick Bio 

Full Name Vera Davich
Gender Female
Place of birth United States of America
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Height 5 feet 5 inches (167.64 cm)
Weight 56 kg (123.456 pounds)
Hair Color Brown
Famous For Marriage to actor Scott Patterson
High School  Haddonfield Memorial High School 
Marital status  Divorced (from Scott Patterson)

Who is Vera Davich?

There was a time when Vera Davich was married to the famous American star Scott Patterson. She is a unique person. There’s a new name out there called Vera Davich that you may not have heard of. It’s used in movies and TV shows like Scott Patterson.

She was a wonderful person for Scott Patterson and well-known for finishing her head chores as wifey; she was in a relationship and married him for a considerable while. She kept her personal life covert and avoided public events. 

Early Life & Education

Vera Davich always liked to learn new things. Math was Vera Davich’s favourite topic, she invests her early years in learning how to read, write, and solve various mathematical problems.

Our information indicates that Vera’s parents place a high priority on providing their kids with a quality education. Regarding the educational institution, she attended HaddonField Memorial High School.

Vera Davich Family Life

Vera Davich lived with her wonderfully loving parents, who were always there for her. Her family life was always good, with holiday dinners, birthday parties, and family dinners.

He also had brothers and sisters with whom she spent her childhood and shared secrets. 

Vera Davich

Vera Davich’s Ex-husband

When Vera Davich was a teenager, she had a great friend who later became her husband. His roles in Saw IV and Saw V as well as Gilmore Girls made him well-known. His name was Scott Patterson. It’s possible that you’ve known him for a long time by seeing him on TV.

Veera and Scott Patterson knew that their friendship was more than just a bond after they graduated from high school. It’s a love that lasts and makes both of them better. Because they really like each other, they decide to get married.

Yes, we all know that being married is one of the best feelings anyone has ever had. It’s the same with Vera Devich and Scott Patterson. Their relationship didn’t last forever, even though they lived together as friends and now as husband and wife.

Not long after they got married, they realized that they could be good friends but not perfect husband and wife. It helps people find better friends and partners for life. They decided to embark on the expedition separately as a result.

physical appearance

Veera is very tall. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall. She has a pretty body that is typical for women her height. Vera keeps her weight at about 56 kg (123.456 pounds), and she always works to keep it that way. Her attention is very focused on how she looks.

Her dark eyes and hair, which match, make her look beautiful and charming. Vera’s unique personality is strengthened by the fact that she is of white descent.

She has always been a Christian and followed Christian rules. She is quite a good question, going to church every Sunday and doing all the Christian rituals. 

Scott Patterson & Vera Davich’s divorce 

Everyone was shocked when the couple who loved each other deeply, dated for years, and were friends since high school broke up in just two years. But they said they were splitting up in 1985.

A lot of their fans were shocked by their divorce, since they were seen as a pair. However, the controversy that made them do that is still unknown.

Why did Vera Davich separate from Scott Patterson?

Though it was still unknown, in the most recent interview the interviewer inquired about the reason behind their split from Scott Patterson, he said it was all due to immaturity. Vera has decided to remain quiet about the comments made by Scott presently.

On the other side, following the divorce, Scott Patterson began courting actress Kristine Saryan, another lady. Vera Davich has never been married. Nicolas Petterson is the name of the son Scott and Kristine have as well.


  • Vera Davich enjoys having leisure time engaging in enjoyable activities.
  • She finds great delight in reading original books on the magical palace and thrilling exploits.
  • She enjoys drawing several objects. She is really artistic and has a great imagination.
  • She additionally enjoys animals.
  • One of Vera Davich’s favourite pastimes is cooking; she enjoys developing fresh and novel dishes every time.

Net Worth 

We don’t know how much she’s worth because she keeps her life very secret, but it’s thought that she may have a lot of gold and diamonds. But it’s still only a guess. In spite of this, Scott Patterson is worth almost $15 million.


We talked about all the important facts about Vera Davich and came to the conclusion that she had been a popular person because she was married to Scott Patterson. But their marriage didn’t last long; after only two years together, they split up.


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