CLEVO PA71 : A Comprehensive Review in 2024


CLEVO PA71 is the laptop for gamers who need exceptional processors, raw power, and massive storage, and who want great visuals. 

As games generally become heavier and acquire better naturalistic visuals, therefore they need powerful support and ordinary devices hang up because of their high-end processing. 

For these users, XBOX, Playstations, or gaming laptops are needed in order to get a better experience when playing the games, above all for professional gamers.

Who makes Clevo laptops?

As it is not so well-known, more gamers and technical enthusiasts are greeted with Clevo laptops during the stage of both educators and students evaluation.

A maker of high-performance gaming laptops for multi-brands is Taiwanese business Clevo Co. It designs and builds laptops that Sager, Schenker, as rebrand others.

They can customize or brand in ways Clevo can not by using their top-class hardware. Despite having no consumer brand of its own, Clevo has made a name in the gaming world for its powerful, affordable systems.

Powerful gaming laptops at a decent price Clevo laptops offer both.

Is the CLEVO PA71 worth the investment?

When you consider the specs, performance, speed, design and display quality (not to mention battery life) of the CLEVO PA71, then this notebook stands out as a reliable choice for professionals and gamers alike.

Its powerful specifications ensure that you have a seamless experience whenever gaming or working, and the smooth design makes it all the more attractive.

Users sing the praises of its exceptional sound quality as it will bring both the cinema and concert hall right into your living room.

The larger dimensions and weight of the CLEVO PA71 model will impose a price on being compact, although for those features it is worth paying out.

In the same price range as its competitors, the CLEVO PA71 offers more comprehensive performance. The comments of users are highly complimentary for this model.

Investing in the CLEVO PA71 might be a good attempt if you want draft horse power and do n’t want to break the bank.

Is System76 a Clevo?

System76 is a US computer manufacturer known for its Linux laptops and desktops. As much as System76 computers are not manufactured by Clevo, those computers can be one of System76’s original design manufacturers (ODM). So, in reality, some of the Company’s laptops are actually rebranded Clevo notebooks.

The partnership with Clevo enables System76 to provide powerful gaming laptops and personalised systems for Linux users. It also means that System76 can concentrate on software integration, after sales service, and leave Clevo to do the hardware design. Together this has proved very successful

So, if you are thinking of getting a System76 laptop, just keep in mind that there may be certain models with certain parts from Clevo underneath. This partnership ensures customers receive reliable hardware in addition to System76’s dedication to offering a smooth Linux experience.


Specs and Features


Processor Intel Core i7 (8th Gen)
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
Display 17.3-inch Full HD IPS or 4K UHD
Memory 32 GB DDR4-2400 RAM
Storage Up to 2 TB NVMe SSD With 2 TB HDD
Operating System Windows 10
Ports USB Type-C, USB 3.0,HDMI, DisplayPort Thunderbolt 3/SuperSpeed USB 3.1
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Cell Battery up to 6 hours (may vary at certain conditions)
Dimensions 16.85 x 11.73 x 1.61 measurements as (W x D x H)
Weight Starting at 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg)
Model Clevo PA71ES-G


Clevo PA71 Features

There are many great things about this powerful gaming laptop that make it worth getting;

Modern Design 

The laptop is only 0.98 inches high, with a modern and elegant slim design. Users find the black matte finish makes that attractive, feeling its high-end. The housing is both sleek and resilient, and effortlessly withstood the rub and tumble of everyday life, as well as constant travel.


The 17.3-inch Full HD 4K display of the laptop vividly portrays all the visual effects on the screen, with keen detail. When playing games, any small detail you need to see in the game can be properly presented. 

No one would die just because of bad graphics. Possessing a screen that has a minimum resolution of 1920×1080 along with an angle of 144Hz and a 72% NTSC panel, the screen is grounds for good One can easily sit on the screen.

This is the spiritual and traditional meaning behind the Virtual Display and CYBERPOWERPC brand which I can write up in some later posts.


Under the hood As for performance, the Clevo PA71 is capable of running today’s software anywhere with comfort, without having to suffer from speed reduction. Each provides modern “productivity” or “content development backing.” 

The general purpose software that everyone uses nowadays such as Word processing, Spreadsheets, DTP and Programming Tools on a machine like this would guarantee 100% satisfaction. It has an Intel Core 17th Generation processor. 

The college bound that is both for professional and personal use Its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU, and 32GB of DDR4-2400 RAM make sure your multi-program that multitaskers are smooth gaming slots.

Playing multiple games at 1080p resolution for more than 2 hours on this powerful gaming laptop is normal, unbroken smoothness of the game. 

This is true even for GTA Vice City, PUBG and Fortnite which all make heavy demands on your processor. And a high option means that you will be playing each game comfortably.

Keyboard and Trackpad 

There is a sized keyboard on the gaming laptop, which makes for fast typing. The keys are well spaced and are designed of specific size for each finger. 

The keyboard also has backlighting and a smaller than average trackpad. The trackpad works well and is very responsive.

Audio Quality 

Such is the audio quality of Clevo PA71 laptop(but moreover) The Blaster X Pro Gaming Acoustic Engine brings music closer to home with rich acoustics now whatever anyone says doesn’t even distort when she turns way up on her volume knob.

And with its deep bass the quality of sound is not complete unless you’re all the way to depths sounding genuinely deep so that all your senses do put in their contribution.

Battery Life 

The “smart” function on this device has a battery life of six hours. But this is not better than the other, more durable battery lives gamers have access to. As an educational tool or just for browsing the internet, however, it may well do. 

Unlike other powerful laptops, this model doesn’t overheat or stumble when used for long hours. Thanks to its efficient cooling, for people who want to use a laptop extensively or engage in hours of game play after work.


Future Upgrades and Updates

Tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting future upgrades and updates of the CLEVO PA71. As technology marches on, users expect enhancements that can make computer use even more interesting.

Potential upgrades might involve improvements in processor power, higher memory capacities for RAM, or a better looking design with more effective cooling systems. 

These updates are all intended to help keep this product competitive among laptops in today’s marketplace every month or year.

Future updates could focus on building the GPU to achieve better performance at higher quality levels in game play or productivity apps and to produce softer images than ever before.

While keeping an eye out for this year and next year’s new technologies such as AI integration or more powerful connectivity options, expect even more exciting features in future upgrades!

Pros and Cons


  • A strong CPU for demanding games and programs.
  • The 17.3-inch 4K display delivers great images.
  • Durable aluminium chassis and attractive design.


  • The pricing is higher than other gaming laptops. 
  • Low portability owing to weight.
  • Gaming sessions could be longer with better battery life. 


Clevo Gaming Notebooks score highest in screen, speed, and look. Moderate settings work for many games and other things.

Also negative are exorbitant pricing, low battery life, and poxy little sound. Quality of keyboards: This notebook’s pros and negatives should be considered.

Depending on your tolerance, CLEVO PA71 Laptop is a versatile gaming machine. Red offers more balance and economy.
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