Emma Argues with Principal Figgins: In The World of 2024

Emma Argues
Emma Argues

Why did Emma argue with Principal Figgins? The topic and motto of their arguments? They disagreed on school policies, so Emma battled with Principal Figgins.

Their arguments focused on student involvement. Decisions that affect school operations. Emma thought students should weigh in. Principal Figgins stressed compliance and smooth operations.

The goal of their arguments was resolution. That balanced student involvement and lawfulness. As a guidance counselor, Emma Pillsbury supports Principal Figgins.

Topics include student power and future. Emma Pillsbury lifted her voice with proof.

How to Figure Out Why Emma Argues With Principal Figgins

The heated argument between Emma and the principal Finch began and never seemed to end.

What are the reasons for differences, though?

  • Emma was very sure that teaching art to children was very important. Because it shows how clever they are. And art and hobbies help us understand their minds better. However, Principal Figgins didn’t agree; he doesn’t think it’s important. Also, the money could be used in a better way elsewhere.
  • Emma had a good point about how school funds should be spent and distributed. She thought it was very important to put money into extracurricular activities like debate teams, sports teams, and theatre clubs.
  • Emma stressed how important it is to always follow the rules. As well as using renewable justice to settle disagreements between teachers and students. But Principal Figgins still thinks that strict rules should be followed. Where any crime leads to being kicked out right away.

Follow the rules to settle the argument.

When Emma Argues fights with important people, it’s important to follow these key rules.

Taking Notice Of A Serious Issue

When the situation is important, both sides need to see and understand each other’s worries. When both sides take the time to hear and understand the other person’s point of view. So it’s easy for them to figure out how to fix things.

Accessible Talking

For clearing up misunderstandings, it’s important to have honest and open talks. For respect and understanding to grow, they help pave the way. Speaking to each other in a respectful way is important for having a good conversation.

Look Over Policies Again 

Changing current rules and taking students’ wants into account. Both are important steps for making a place safe and helpful. It is important to put kids’ health and safety first.

New Proposal Making

To make sure that the new rules are followed correctly. Making a plan that can be seen would be helpful. This plan can list the exact steps and things that need to be done. They had to put the new rules into action and give different groups of people new roles and duties. 

Improving Educational System

We need to set a good model in schools while we work to improve the education system. And making sure that every kid feels supported and that their voice is heard is very important.

Emma Argues

Why Does Emma Fight with Principal Figgins?

The Base of the Argument

Emma Argues and Principal Figgins of Maplewood High School got into a fight, which started a popular dispute that spread quickly. Emma, who was a committed school counsellor, wanted to try a new way of teaching. 

Her main focus was on collaborative learning and getting students involved. The case against principal Figgins’ choice, on the other hand, was for structured and tried-and-true methods.


Emma concludes the heated debate that principals trust school policies. Dedicated to their positions. Emma Argues advocated student input on educational choices. Principal Figgins stressed efficiency and legality. Both positions solved it.

Active listening eases agreement. They decide school policies. Faculty-student collaboration would make it. Students learn responsibility. They can speak freely. Better communication is important.

Empathise, respect, and actively listen to resolve conflicts. Understanding each other can help us win the war and achieve our goals. This post also explains Emma’s whole argument with Principal Figgins. 


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