Who is Trey Kulley Majors? Bio, Early life, Family, Career & Net Worth 2024

Trey Kulley Majors
Trey Kulley Majors

Do you know who Trey Kulley Majors is? He’s not like most guys. He is talented and charming, and his style is one of a kind.No matter what his family name means, Trey is making his own personality. His modeling career is really taking off, as you can see from the covers of high-end fashion magazines and his great shows on the runway.

But Trey isn’t done yet. He’s also trying his hand at playing, which shows how versatile he is and how much he loves the stage. He’s a rising star whose skill and charm are making waves in the fashion and entertainment worlds. 

Who is Trey Kulley Majors?

You should meet Trey Kulley Majors. The son of well-known American actor Lee Majors, he is a rising model.Trey’s distinctive style, unquestionable talent, and well-known family history are becoming more and more renowned to the fashion industry. More details on his early years, ascent to celebrity, significant achievements, and the impact of his father’s memories on his life are included in the comprehensive biography.

A quick Bio


Full Name Trey Kulley Majors
Birth Place America
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Model
Religion Christianity
Father Lee Majors
Mother Karen Velez
Height 6′
Weight 72Kg
Marital Status Relationship
Social Media Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter
Net Worth 1 Million Dollars
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue


Early life 

Trey Kulley Majors came into the bright world of American culture on October 22, 1992.Because his family has been involved in show industry for a long time, Trey was exposed to its bright lights when he was a little child.

His well-known father, Lee Majors, is a Hollywood actor best known for his parts in classic TV series like “The Fall Guy” and “The Six Million Dollar Man.” Trey wants it even more because his mother Karen Velez works in the recognized industry.


Even though Trey Kulley Majors was born into a family with roots in show business, he was always interested in fashion and models. Trey chose to go in the opposite direction of what most people do and follow his interest. When he got to the University of Southern California after high school, he planned to study business. But Trey’s real passion was fashion, which he jumped into with both feet while he was in college.

Trey worked hard at modeling events and fashion shows in addition to his schoolwork because he wanted to learn and move up. He was able to improve his skills and gain new insights through every one of his experiences. Trey decided to make his own way in the fashion business, even though his family thought he should do something else. He took it one runway at a time and learned more about himself.

Career of Trey Kulley Majors

One of the best fashion photographers in the world noticed Trey Kulley Majors at a neighborhood event and thought he was very talented. The photographer decided to take a chance on Trey because of his unique look and friendly personality.With the photographer’s help and direction, Trey met several modeling companies. They were all immediately interested in him.

Trey quickly signed with a well-known modeling agency and was thrust into the world of full-time modeling. Trey was grateful for the chance to follow his dreams and go on this exciting trip, remembering the chance meeting at the fashion show.

Trey Kulley Majors

Personal Life of Trey Kulley Majors

People like Trey’s good character and the way he gets along with those around him, in addition to how good-looking he is. It doesn’t matter how famous Trey is, he values honest relationships more than anything else.It doesn’t matter if Trey is with his family or friends; he values closeness and honesty.

Since modeling is a very competitive field, Trey’s modesty makes him stand out. Fans and coworkers alike respect him for this. As someone who is known for being friendly and humble, Trey is a nice change of pace in a field that is sometimes associated with glitz and ego.


Sadly, Farrah Fawcett and star Lee Majors’ relationship ended quickly in 1984.

Even so, their friendship stayed strong. Nikki Majors, their first child, was born in February 1988. During the same time period, Lee fell in love again and married Karen Velez, who used to be his Playmate.

The happy couple had twin boys in 1992, which made them happier still. They were married for six years before getting divorced in 1994.They stayed dedicated parents to their three kids, Nikki, Loren, and the twins, Dane Luke and Trey Kulley, even after they parted ways.

Although they had some good and bad times together, Karen’s job as a model made their relationship more interesting. Despite some problems along the way, Lee moved on and was happy with his next partner, Faith Cross.


Most of the time, Trey Kelley Majors likes to keep his personal life private. Because he wants to keep his feelings and private life out of the public eye, he chooses not to talk about his marriage or affairs. Because he wants to keep his privacy and keep what’s most important to him safe, he made this choice.

It’s well known that Kulley Majors can make great three-point shots, but he doesn’t talk much about his personal life. Because he doesn’t want people to know about his relationships and love life, he chooses to keep them secret. He has always been famous because he is the son of Lee Majors and Karen Velez, but he hasn’t talked about his relationships or plans to get married in the future.

Social media 

Trey Kelley Majors loves talking to his friends on Instagram, where he posts fun pictures from his fashion journey.After sharing news about his latest fashion projects, Trey, who, being from sunny Los Angeles, California, never ceases to captivate his followers. 

Instagram followers can see both candid pictures from Trey’s daily life and behind-the-scenes looks at fancy photo shoots.

His followers respond well to these posts, which strengthens his image as a famous model and public figure. Through shared interests and goals, Trey actively engages with his growing group, making connections that matter. Trey makes it easy for his fans to connect with each other over shared interests and experiences by being truthful in his interactions.

Net worth

According to some sources, Trey Kulley Majors is worth around $1 million. This huge amount of money comes from his starting job. Trey has done a great job and his skills have paid off. He’s not just counting on his well-known last name. Trey is making his mark instead.

The fact that he made so much money shows how hard he worked. He’s just getting started. He will definitely become richer as he gets more jobs.


Trey Kulley Majors is famous in the fashion and modeling worlds. He was born into a Hollywood family with a lot of power. Trey has made his own way, even though he comes from a famous family. His ability, charm, and unique style have helped him become well-known. His personal life is kept private, but he interacts with friends on social media, making it easy for people with similar interests to connect.


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